The Trees Day Care Nursery

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188 Regents Park Road
SO15 8NY

Tel: 02380 776655

The Trees Shirley is based in a large detached Edwardian property in the heart of Shirley, on Regents Park Road. Ideally located with easy access to Shirley’s local amenities, making regular visits to Shirley’s many Green spaces and local library.

For school age children the nursery is close to a number of local primary schools including, Foundry Lane, Wordsworth and Tannersbrook.

Just West of Southampton Common, the nursery is minutes away from Southampton city centre. With good access to the M27, M271 and M3 Motorways. The nursery also has safe off-road parking for parents dropping off and picking up children.

Nursery Manager

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The nursery manager is Julie Ginn, Julie began working for The Trees in 2013. She has worked her way up in our Portswood nursery gaining lots of experience before being promoted to manager of the Shirley nursery in 2018. Julie holds her Foundation Degree in Early Years Care and Education and an NVQ level 3 in Management.

The Staff Team

Julie places great importance on choosing well-qualified, motivated staff who will form positive relationships with the children in their care. She has built a strong team who will make your child’s early years at nursery a special experience and give them the best possible start in preparation for the big step forward to their school life. Caring for children is an important and challenging career. The right person and good training can make a huge difference to your child’s enjoyment for their time at nursery.

Therefore, the majority of staff at the nursery hold the NVQ Level 3 in Child Care, or are working towards it. All have a Paediatric First Aid Certificate and Food Hygiene Certificate, both of which are renewed every three years. In addition, all staff are carefully vetted through the Criminal Records Bureau and personal references are taken up when they first join the team.

Our ratio of children to staff ensures that children are looked after in a carefully monitored environment. The ratios of staff to children are as follows:

Babies – 1 year olds1 : 3
1 – 2 year olds1 : 3
2 – 3 year olds1 : 4
3 – 5 year olds1 : 8

Settling-in Period

New children and parents have three settling in sessions at the nursery. The first is an introductory session, lasting half an hour, during which time parents meet staff and then introduce their child to the nursery staff.

During this session parents are advised of routines and procedures in place at the nursery and spend the rest of the time playing with their child and familiarising themselves with their surroundings.

The second session lasts one and a half hours and parents are encouraged to leave their children for short periods to allow them to adjust and begin to feel comfortable in their new environment.

The third, two-hour session, usually takes place over a lunch time or tea time and parents are, again, encouraged to leave their child for longer periods to enable them to start socialising with their peers and getting to know their new friends.

Nursery Facilities

The facilities at the nursery are separated into four age groups:

0-2 years

For the under 2’s, we have five spacious rooms. Two well equipped ‘activity’ rooms including, world toys, construction toys, puzzles and shape sorters. Both have ‘home corners’ for role play, musical instruments and music to encourage movement, dance and singing, and quiet corners for story time. There is a ‘messy’ room for water and creative activities, which is also used at mealtimes.

The under 2’s also have a Sensory room with a large variety of toys to stimulate children’s senses including a bubble tube with four different language settings, treasure baskets, objects with different textures sounds and scents and a lava projector on to the ceiling for babies that currently are unable to sit up unassisted.

Finally, a sleeping room with separate milk kitchen and nappy changing facilities. All children have their own labelled cot and older children have mats and blankets.

Age 2-3 years

The 2-3 year old’s have two spacious, well-equipped playrooms, which are opened up into one large room to allow free flow access between the two rooms. There is a nappy changing/toilet area adjoining the rooms and potty training is provided, if required. The children have a fairly structured routine and follow weekly activity programmes.

3 – 5 Years

The 3-5 age group have two large well-equipped playrooms with wet play and carpeted areas catering for all activities, learning and play. There is a carefully planned routine to the day and the children follow structured weekly activity plans, which include discussion time and place emphasis on pre-school education. Comprehensive pre-school learning including colours, letters, writing, numbers and shapes becomes more prominent in this age group, in preparation for school. This group also has direct access to the garden from their playrooms, enabling them to use the garden throughout the day.

Outside Space

Outdoor play is an important part of learning and having fun and the large gardens at The Trees provide ample space and equipment for all ages.

The nursery organises a variety of activities based on age and level of development, such as physical play which includes bikes, cars, hoops and balls. There is climbing equipment and a play house in the garden, which allow children to develop their imaginative play, and sand and water to develop their sensory experiences. Children are encouraged to explore nature and the diverse environment in the garden allows them to look for plants and insects and to talk about the different wildlife they find. There is wet weather gear available for children, when needed, to enable them to use the garden in all weather conditions.

Food & Mealtimes

A good diet is essential for the health and happiness of children and the nursery has designed a selection of well-planned menus, which are nutritious and tasty, using a combination of fresh fruit, vegetables and protein. It caters for most dietary needs, menus are varied and all meals are cooked freshly on site.

Breakfast is available for children and babies, followed by a mid-morning snack. A cooked meal is provided at lunch time, followed by tea in the afternoon. Drinking water is available for all children at all times, as is a fruit bowl in each age group, which children can help themselves in between meals.

Lunchtime is the most important meal of the day when staff and children eat the same meal together at tables in the playrooms. It is a great opportunity for children to try new foods and for everyone to enjoy the social side of mealtimes. Pre-school children are encouraged to help serve their own lunch and tea and to help clear up after mealtimes in preparation for their transition to school.

The following is a sample weekly menu at The Trees in Shirley:

MondayCereal / toastSconesHome-made chicken pie, mashed potato and peas

Fromage Frais
Pitta bread with assortment of fillings

TuesdayCereal / toastBiscuitsFish in parsley sauce, new potatoes and sweetcorn

Fresh fruit salad
Jacket potato with cheese and peppers

WednesdayCereal / toastSatsumasShepherd’s pie with carrots and broccoli/ quorn shepherd’s pie

Toasted muffins with selection of spreads

ThursdayCereal / toastApples and pearsVegetable lasagne with garlic bread

Sausage sandwiches Biscuits
FridayCereal / toastCarrots and cucumber sticksMacaroni cheese with corn on the cob

Banana whip
Crackers, spreads and celery



The nursery door is securely locked at all times and only a member of the nursery staff is authorised to open it. Parents are requested not to answer the door if they hear the doorbell ring. Staff will check ID’s and passwords for anyone collecting a child, other than the primary carer and will not allow anyone they do not know, or who does not have prior consent, entry into the building.

Opening Hours

Normal opening hours are 8.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.