When your child joins the 1-2 Year group, they will be assigned a new key worker who will be responsible for looking after all aspects of your child’s development, in accordance with the National Foundation Stage Curriculum. You will receive a diary at the end of each week which shows you what your child has done during the week, their achievements and next steps. We welcome your comments and suggestions in the diary.

This age group has a varied and interesting programme of play and learning. It is an exciting time in your child’s development when everything is new and interesting and they start to explore the world around them. One of the biggest changes is in their physical development.

Children progress from crawling to walking and begin to use their new mobility to push and pull toys, dance and climb. Outside play forms a large part of their day and we have a range of toys and play equipment which will develop their balance, co-ordination, physical strength and confidence.

At this age, children also begin to take an interest in books, nursery rhymes and enjoy experimenting with crayons, drawing and sensory materials. They begin to recognise patterns and shapes and we support their learning by encouraging them to choose activities they want to do.

We also start to introduce group activities into your child’s play. This improves concentration and language skills and enables your child to experience a wide range of new emotions and feelings.

Children enjoy learning basic tasks and we begin to teach them to use a spoon and fork to eat, and to drink from a cup. Once they master these basic tasks they want to perform them again and again and again!