Balanced and nutritional meals are prepared daily using freshly prepared foods as much as possible.

No salt is added and sugar is kept to a minimum. Any reasonable special diet can be catered for.

A full cooked lunch is served at 12 noon and a light meal at 3.45pm.

A healthy mid morning snack is provided as well as drinks mid morning and afternoon.

MondayCereal / toastVegetable sticks and fruitHomemade fish in white sauce, mixed vegetables and new potatoes

Fruit cocktail and cream
Potato croquettes with ham, cheese and salsa

Jaffa cakes and oranges
TuesdayCereal / toastHomemade raisin and oatmeal cookies or fruit basketHomemade crunchy vegetable crumble, mashed potato and gravy

Vanilla ice-cream with seasonal fruit puree
Pitta bread with chicken and mayonnaise

Fromage frais
WednesdayCereal / toastFruit basketHomemade pasta Bolognese in a tomato and herb sauce with mushrooms, peppers and garlic bread

Homemade pear and apricot sponge pudding
Sandwiches with jam, Marmite or cheese spread with beetroot and side salad.

Homemade flapjack with dried fruit
ThursdayCereal / toastBread sticks and cheeseChicken and mushrooms in a homemade cream sauce, rice and vegetables

Homemade apple crumble
Homemade soup with crusty bread
FridayCereal / toastHomemade fruity rice crispy cakesRoast gammon, roast potatoes, cauliflower and peas

Homemade seasonal fruit and yoghurt fool
Homemade cheesy bean and vegetable enchiladas

Homemade banana cake