The Trees – Philosophy

There are two nurseries in The Trees Group, both located in Swindon, Both of which share the same principal aims and philosophy.

Our main aim is to create a warm, friendly, home-from-home environment at each nursery, where children feel safe, secure and welcome and are treated with kindness and respect by nursery staff. We have no preconceptions – each child is treated as an individual and is given the freedom to play, have fun, learn and interact at their own pace.

It is our aim to give every child in our care the best start in life and to help them to fulfil their potential. Of course, we are concerned about their education, but we also place great importance on teaching children to get on with others, to have respect and consideration for others and to be well mannered people who will contribute to creating a happy and successful society for everyone.

Our objective is to complement the care and education children receive at home and to provide them with the opportunities to develop their emotional, mental and physical growth in preparation for their transition to school.

Underpinning the work we do which is a structured programme of learning, development and care, which has been created to enable children to learn through a range of activities. We ensure:

  Children learn through play.

  We work closely with parents.

  Parents are kept up to date on children’s progress.

The welfare, learning and all-round development of children with different backgrounds and levels of ability, including those with special educational needs and disabilities.