Fees and Payments

During every child’s first hour settling visit to the nursery, the parent will be required to complete and sign the following Documents:

A Day Care Facilities Agreement, confirmation of the terms and conditions of the nursery the sessions and fee for your child , forming a contract between Parent(s) or Guardian(s) and White Horse Child Care Limited.

Complete an information schedule and a standing order form. the information schedule enables us to have all the necessary details about yourself and your child. It is essential that these details, particularly the parent(s) contact numbers, are correct at all times. Parents must advise the nursery of any changes in contact numbers, addresses for work and home, health issues and collection details for the child.

The Standing order is always set up to cover one calendar month’s fee.

To cancel your contract, one month’s written notice must be given and after the last payment parents must cancel their own standing order.


The fee is paid for an annual facility during opening hours and is payable monthly in advance. There are no refunds of monies paid for sessions not taken. The standing order payment is set up to cover the following month’s fee. We are unable to swap any sessions.

Extra Sessions

There are normally a number of extra sessions available if parents need their children cared for at short notice. These must be booked through the manager and paid for in advance or on the day.

Please refer to your chosen nursery for current fees.

Hourly Rate

If parents wish to book more than one five hour session, but do not require a full day, up to two hours may be added on to a full session either am or pm. Any longer than two additional hours will be charged at a full day rate.

Nursery Hours

The nursery is open from 8.00am-6.00pm, Monday to Friday inclusive but with the exception of Bank Holidays. The morning session is 8am – 1pm and the afternoon session 1pm – 6pm. Parents must drop off and collect children within these session times, morning session children must be collected by 1pm and all children must be collected before 6pm when the nursery closes. A charge of £25.00 per occasion may be invoiced for late collection.